What is the process for buying an apartment?

We are well aware that buying a new apartment is a major investment. For greater clarity, we have outlined a brief description of the fourbasic steps of this process.

Step 1: Select an apartment

First you must carefully consider what your future apartment should have and how it will serve you.

Our sales representatives will be happy to discuss issues such as the layout of the apartment or individual rooms, storage space and parking. Come in for a free and non-binding consultation to help you select the right apartment from our wide selection, whether for your home or an investment.

Step 2: Future Contract Agreement

With this agreement in hand you can now take care of all the necessary financing for the purchase.

The Future Contract Agreement contains: documentation of the apartment sale, specification of apartment accessories (parking space, basement), purchase price, payment schedule, deadline for completion and terms for taking possession of the apartment. After signing, the client pays only 20% of the total price (within 10 days of signing). This is the only payment made during the course of construction; the rest of the purchase price is paid once the entire complex passes inspection – without any instalment payments beforehand. You will also be consulted during construction so that the apartment is built just the way you want it.

Step 3: Purchase Contract

After construction has been completed and the complex passes inspection, you will be invited to inspect the apartment.

If the apartment meets your expectations, you will pay the remaining 80% of the purchase price of the apartment and we will sign a Purchase Contract. Based on this Purchase Contract, you become the owner of the apartment and accessories. Take a look at the financing we offer.

Step 4: Taking possession of the apartment

Now comes the moment you have been waiting for: you can finally move in.

The handover of the apartment takes place following payment of the purchase price and signature of the Purchase Contract. We hand over the keys and you become king in your new castle.